You Want What’s Best for Your Child. So Should Your Attorney.

You Want What’s Best for Your Child. So Should Your Attorney.

Find out what a family law attorney in Louisville, KY can do for you

No matter what happens, you always look out for your child’s best interests. You deserve a reputable child custody attorney who will do the same thing in court. Travis Law Office, PLLC has extensive experience in the field of family law. Whether you’re going through a divorce or simply dealing with custody and child support issues, we can be there to help.

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We’ll be there for you every step of the way

Travis Law Office, PLLC knows that no matter the circumstances, a divorce is always difficult—especially if you have a child. Our experienced divorce attorney will:

  • Listen to your story and identify the services you need
  • Assess your case and inform you of your rights
  • Take care of all court documents
  • Negotiate with the other party or take your case to court

To get help from a dedicated child custody and divorce attorney in Louisville, KY, reach out to Travis Law Office, PLLC today. We’ll do everything we can to look out for you and your child’s best interests.